Sunday, September 27, 2009

Davey's 2008 Music Awards, Part II

The second round of awards that I'll be handing out are actually some of my favorites, though I somehow managed to fail to mention them in the introduction. So tonight we'll rundown what I feel was best in three categories: The Song of the Summer; Funniest Song; and the 18th Song Award (I'll explain what that is a little later.)

"Buzzin", by Shwayze

Adler, and Shwayze

Song of the Summer

Shwayze and producer Cisco Adler combine breezy lyrics and subtle guitar to make "Buzzin" the perfect companion to many hot nights, and laid back afternoons. The song goes down about as smooth as a Corona, the exact thing I want in a song that defines an entire summer.

"Jizz In My Pants" by The Lonely Island

Lonely Island members Schaffer, Samberg, and Taccone.

Funniest Song of the Year

For those that know me, was there any doubt? It's a song about pre-mature ejaculation, in several of the most unfortunate circumstances. I plan on growing up one of these years, but for right now I'll keep "Jizz" as my ringtone for another month or so. (And if you were wondering why the movie "Hot Rod" and the SNL skit "Dick In A Box" were so funny, it's because these guys wrote those too.)

"Black Mags" by "The Cool Kids"

Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks

The 18th Song Award

(This award goes to the best song from the previous year that I somehow missed.)

It's easy to get caught up in the bass of this track and fail to notice that two nerds are having a verbal love affair with their BMX bikes. They do for two wheeled transportation what Jay-Z did for the Maybach.

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